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Originally Posted by serve/and/volley View Post
Thanks for the info. Any particular stringing details that I should be concerned? For example, what replacement parts do I have to buy? Is there good customer support? How often do I have to replace parts? And how much space to each take up, i.e. where can I comfortably store the respective machines? You mentioned the Neos would last forever. How about the SW?
Both have great customer support. I would just guess with the number of Neos/Ektelon machines parts would be available for a long time. Not much you have to replace, keep clean and adjust clamps and clamping system periodically and you should be good to go. I added a Wise 3 years ago, but it is a good practice to routinely set up a calibration schedule. I checked mine every month, some check ever 20-30 rackets or anytime you move the machine you should check the tension.

Floor space - you can easily move into a closet or a small 3x3 corner will be enough room...

Only problem with the Neos, is if you string fan pattern rackets you will need to purchase floating clamps. That is why I stated I might lean with the Alpha or Gamma. But then again, I have had great success with this machine for 20 years, and before that I had a Model D Ektelon, that is still be used today. When they say the last forever, they are not kidding. Good luck making your decision...
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