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Default Stats for 1978 RG final (Borg-Vilas)

Borg d. Vilas 6-1, 6-1, 6-3

The match lasted 1 hour 49 minutes.

By my count, there were 133 points. Borg won 84, Vilas 49 (so Borg got 63% of the points). Borg gave up 22 points on serve and won more points on Vilas’ serve than Vilas himself did (38 to 27).

Borg had 0 aces and 1 double.
Vilas had 0 aces and 5 doubles.

The exact winner counts are a problem because the Italian TV coverage isolated on one player at a time during a stretch spanning six points (for example:

In that stretch there were only 2 winners, both by Borg: I put them down as a BHV and a BH pass.

The totals:

Borg made 21 clean winners: 9 FH, 7 BH, 2 FHV, 3 BHV.

Vilas made 20 clean winners: 4 FH, 3 BH, 5 FHV, 5 BHV, 3 overheads.

Vilas had more winners from volleys/smashes than from ground strokes, 13 vs. 7 (in the third set alone it was 6 vs. 2).

Borg had 2 BH passes in the first set, 2 FH passes in the second, and 4 more of each in the third. His 8 passing shots in the third set account for all but two of his winners in that set. His 12 passing shots altogether account for a majority of his winners.

If not for Vilas' increasingly frequent trips to the net, neither player would have had a high winner count.

Vilas had only one passing shot, a FH in the first set. He did have a BH lob winner in the next game, though.

I counted the net advances, though it was some time ago, and unfortunately I did not describe exactly what method I used. Nevertheless the picture is clear: Borg coming in less as the match progressed, Vilas more.

Borg came to net 26 times and won 16 (or 62%). Since he won 63% of all the points in the match, what he was doing at net was essentially no more successful than anything else.

Vilas came to net 49 times and won 25 (or 51%). Since Vilas won only 37% of the points overall, he was right to come in.

Borg’s trips to net became less frequent as the match went on, divided by set as follows: 14, 6, 6.

Vilas came to net with increasing frequency. His approaches per set were: 6, 16, 26.

There were only 6 serve-and-volley points in the match, all by Vilas, all following a wide serve in the ad court. He won five of them (but did not make his first attempt until the last game of the second set).

Vilas used his backhand slice to approach at least 13 times (once for a clear winner), while Borg did so at least twice.

Vilas was the only one to return a serve and come in, losing both of his attempts, each on Borg’s second serve. Borg came to net 9 times during Vilas’ service games, Vilas 18 times on Borg’s serve.

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