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Originally Posted by iplaybetter View Post
i did a fan on it the other day and was not empeaded by the fixed clamps
It's not whether or not the clamps are going to 'impede' you, it's whether or not tension is going to be accurate. The fixed 90 degree angle glide bars of the NEOS are NOT suited for fan patterns, period. If you have an aggressive fan, such as a prince ring, or other granny stick, the clamps will be clamping vertically, and then when you tension it, you're going to have a
shape in your string. I think it's pretty obvious whether or not the tension will be accurate after popping the clamp.

Originally Posted by kmartin View Post
So do you use floating clamps on fan patterns with the Neos?
Yes, the floating (plastic, but sturdy) clamps that come with the NEOS are fan shaped (i.e. angled)

Originally Posted by serve/and/volley View Post
Thanks for the info. Any particular stringing details that I should be concerned? For example, what replacement parts do I have to buy? Is there good customer support? How often do I have to replace parts? And how much space to each take up, i.e. where can I comfortably store the respective machines? You mentioned the Neos would last forever. How about the SW?
Replacement parts are really not a huge concern with the NEOS. You may need some more clamps in the future, but as long as you maintain your machine, that is probably not going to be a big worry. I think everything else is pretty rock solid on the NEOS. The SW is a solid machine, and I don't really see it having a shorter useful life. It's also very solid. You may need to make a few clamp adjustments, as the system(s) are slightly more complex than the NEOS glide bars, but it should last you a very, very long time.

Originally Posted by theace21 View Post
Get a stand alone machine. Easy to push into a corner, and I took mine on the road for many a years. Easy to take apart and move. Just check calibration.
I agree with this statement. If you have the space, and don't need to travel with your machine, a stand is a good way to go. I have the LF model of the ML100 (MS200TT), and I've worked extensively with a NEOS (a couple of DI tennis seasons for 2 teams, and a pretty big tournament with them).
I don't have a favorite, but I think the NEOS would be the more convenient machine to work with. If I were looking at speed (which CAN be a concern), I'd work with the NEOS, you can also upgrade to constant pull with a WISE head down the road. The ML100 is a great machine, I love mine, but I find the pumping of the weight tedious, and the clamps don't glide as smoothly as the NEOS, although I don't really like the NEOS clamps either (having to switch between mains and crosses, etc). Each machine has it's drawbacks.

Originally Posted by chrisplchs View Post
String Way all the way.

I like the Neos also so you really can't go wrong with either.

I like the constant pull of the String way. Also, you can lower your costs to get the T98 which is still a nice clamping system. Also, fan patterns are easier with the String way and a String way is easier to travel with than the Neos

Neos is good as it is a stand up and is prove to last forever

Also the ********* seems to keep value better
chrisplchs makes excellent points, but just keep in mind that a stand can be a major benefit, and the ********* can get tedious to work with. This is a bit of an exaggeration, though, as the String way really IS a pleasure to work with (engineered very well), but I've got a bum shoulder, so pumping a weight really takes its toll on me. Take that for what it's worth.
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