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JR - The PC+ "swirl", as it is known, hits very similar to the Pro Staff 6.1 Hyper Carbon, if you've ever hit w/ that.

IMO, its very stable & solid, has great "plow through" (my favorite shot is my "Pete Sampras" running forehand cross court), and practically no feel...which is just how I like it. Volleys are crisp, but you had better not swing on them, or you can pretty much forget it, as it weights 12.6 oz strung. I don't serve hard, so I can't speak to its power, but I know I have no problems hitting kick, slice or flat, with tons of control.

I've realized at this point that I do NOT like flexible rackets. I've tried many (new Pure Storm, Volkl V10, Head Prestige FP), and I've wanted to like them, but that flex at impact just bothers me.

You're welcome to hit w/ them if we ever get out (didn't we talk about hitting in the morning?).
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