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Originally Posted by wumanchu23 View Post
I hear the term "calibrate" alot when it comes to crank machines. I think someone said it takes very little time, and they don't calibrate it unless they moved the machine or felt like theres a need to do it. I'm kind of new to this, what tools are required when it comes to calibration. Does the machine have to be brought to a shop?
Basically you will need a tension calibrator (available from TW) and what ever tools are required to adjust your crank mechanism (should detail in your machine manual). The details vary from machine to machine but essentially the calibrator has string on each end. One end goes in your clamps (the tray will need to be stationary (i.e., brake on)) the other end fits in your tension head (just like pulling tension while stringing a racquet). You want to verify that the calibrator and your reference tension are in synch--if not, adjust your tension head appropriately. You should be able to do this yourself. Hopefully, your machine manual details the specifics for your machine. Good luck.
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