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And I realize this. However I have a very accurate measuring devise and when I pull with a lockout machine, I can get differences with each pull. I assume with a CP machine these differences would be minimized. Does this translate to a difference on the court for a college level player and above? I'm wondering if it is worth it to change to a CP machine (ie buy something like a wise)
Published accuracy on the Wise is plus or minus half a pound, on the Babolat's its plus minus 100 grams. However it's been noted on the GSS site that many of the electric/electronic tension heads overshoot by quite a bit (up to 5 lbs), but the Bab's appear to be critically damped and don't overshoot by much. If your electronic measuring device can't capture peak pulling tension then you may not even see it - I don't think even the $40 fish scale that GSS sells can "capture" quick transients. That (transient capture) requires a fast acting lab grade transducer/controller. And certainly the spring based tension checkers are neither accurate (compared to the resolution of the digital units) nor able to show transients. But YU is correct, accuracy is in the heholder's eye.
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