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Default Wise 2086 String Gripper Question

Just received my Wise 2086 and put it on my Prince Neos 1000. One thing that I noticed is that the string gripper seemed to be tilted away from the control panel. I was expecting that it would be perpendicular to the floor, but it isn't. I am wondering if others that have the Wise have the same tilt to theirs? It doesn't appear that anything is bent and the box wasn't damaged in any way. Just seems odd. I checked out some of the youtube videos, and couldn't tell if any of them shared this tilted back gripper. Couldn't tell from the angle that they were filmed at.

Maybe this is as designed. Maybe this is a stupid question. I just never noticed this on any other electronic tension unit that I have seen - although the only ones I have seen were Babolat.

I will be stringing a racket tomorrow, but before I do so thought I would throw this out there. If this isn't right, then the question is how much if any would it effect string tension.
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