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Default Wise String Gripper Problem

For Wise Owners: Lately my string gripper has been giving me problems. It has been slightly marring the string as it grips. I have tried adjusting the gripper. Took it apart, and cleaned all the parts with alcohol. I just cannot figure out what part of the gripper is scratching the string.

Wise Gripper:

Removed the Gripper:

It's a lot of pieces:

Close up of parts that actually grip:

As you can see, the actual gripping portion is machine etched. Regular cranks have plates that are made of rubber to grip the strings. I always thought rubber was better because it was kind and soft to the string, yet had a positive grip. The Wise gripper seems to do the job, but lately it has been marring my strings. I cannot figure out what is doing the damage. I have cleaned all the parts very well, especially the gripping plates. I have always thought the gripping plates were a slight design flaw. I do wish they were rubber.

Sometimes I think the string might be touching those little springs or tiny posts when it grips and scratches it. I have tried placing the string away from it, but it still gets marred.

Not sure why this is something that is just now occuring.

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