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I see what you mean now. Looks like your whole machine is tilted back. I think you are OK. There is a little give to the mount on your tensioning rack. Wiggle it around a little, move it forward a little, until the head is perpendicular to the floor. Then tighten the bolt.

Also check if your tensioning rack is perpendicular to the floor. I can tilt the whole machine about 3 degrees forward or backward, but this is more pronounced since I have the Gamma extender on it.

One more thing. There are 3 screws that the unit attaches to the rack sleeve. Unscrew them, take off the sleeve, and make sure it is flush. I think the head and the machine really look fine to me. The mounting sleeve or the rack itself might be off.

Try undoing these 3 screws on the back and make sure it is flush:

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