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I haven't used other stringing machines before my MS 200 ECO. I am new to stringing also, but with my MS 200 I can finish within one hour now. I am doing polyester two piece job, so it takes time to weave crosses. I haven't strung too many rackets yet, thus I spend extra time just to make sure I don't miss anything. I believe I can get faster once I get enough experience.

Right now I am faster than one of my friend who has an ATS machine for a while for polyester hybriding. How long do you take?

As Tim told me, the speed is not the major advantage of Laserfibre machines. The key is the consistant output, i.e. consistant string bed with right on tension. It's better to go with fixed clamps also.

It will be interesting to know how faster we can go with Laserfibre machines vs crank machines. It will be more intrigue to study the difference on the string beds produced by these types of machines in more scientific way. Has anyone done that before?
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