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The Czech machines were an interesting concept with their unique single-action clamps. Unlike other single actions, this wasn't a rail based system. They looked liked double-actions, but only one motion was needed to lock the base and clamps.

The concept was a great idea, but the execution very poor indeed. The Czech machines had solid turntable, mounting, and tensioning; but their clamps made them all but useless in my opinion for stringing anything difficult like gut or easily squashed strings like multifilaments.

The problem with their clamps was two-fold. One, the clamps moved around the turntable with a lot of friction, not the most pleasant experience...BUT the far bigger problem were the clamps themselves. They required all kinds of fiddling and adjustment to different guage strings and string types to prevent slipping and crushing. Adjust them too loose, and the clamps would inevitably slip on the pivotal first two pulls. Adjust them too tight and you'd end up crushing strings.

Was a very frustrating proposition, and the fatal flaw of the machine. Yes, the clamps didn't exactly glide around the turntable like Kristi Yamaguchi on ice, but still, it would be something I think many would have been more than willing to live with for the added convenience of the single-action design. But again, what good is convenience when you can't clamp a string properly without causing premature string breakage?

If you can find a way to replace the clamps, you'd have a winner for not a lot of dough, but alas the manufacturer never did improve the clamps. Thus, a potentially breakthrough design went to the garbage bin.

It was truly one of those "ALMOST but not quite there" type designs you see from manufacturers periodically.
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