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Oops, I forgot I even posted this question . The crank is on a Gamma 5003 and the CP I was talking about was the Wise. When I use the lock-out and the digital scale I can pull a few lbs different on each pull, and it drops by a quarter or half a pound every few seconds until it levels out.

I've seen video of a digital scale on a Wise and it pulls then stays very consistent (ie the tension doesn't drop). So my questions were if this tension difference really matters and if so would getting a Wise help? I understand that if I use a lock-out and it locks out at a certain value then starts to drop by a consistent amount, then if I clamp at the same time after lockout every time then I should get a consistent result. It would just seem that if you take away as many variables as possible that you would get better results.

Wow, I just reread what I wrote. Hope itís understandable

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