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Originally Posted by LttlElvis View Post

I am not sure if I am answering your questions but I think I have about as close a situation to what you want. I have a Gamma 6004 and a Wise. I can tell the difference in the sound of the string bed and feel of my racquets when I use a crank. I used to tend to have a favorite racquet.

When I switched to the Wise, the sound of the string bed and feel of my racquets are identical. No more favorite racquets, and I just use them on a daily rotation to get even wear ( I use gut). By the way, I am a dentist too, so I am very anal about every little thing. The best thing about the Wise is the consistency.
Hi LittlElvis: I use a constant pull machine as well,(not the wise), just to have more consistancy in the process.Three of my racquets are all gut, and feel the same,(4th gets changed a little to try out different strings).BTW I am a dentist too.(Ohio State, 1980).I am not a string breaker,and got a great # of hours out of 1 racquet, now like you I rotate between them so they all feel the same.Seems that consistancy is the name of the game, and although it is said you can get consistant results with both, I believe it is easier accomplished with a constant pull.
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