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Default Kind of intrgued by LaserFibre Laser Tour

I'm a co-poly user, usually ALU Power, but I experiment all the time (right now I've got Weiss Cannon Silverstring 17 in the mains of a weighted up Extreme Pro, and ALU rough in the crosses). Anyway, I heard that LaserFibre holds tension remarkable well, because compared to other multis, which are bonded togther with resin, LaserFibre fuses filaments together with the laser's heat. Because tension loss in multis is greatly influenced by the resin, LaserFibre has less tension loss because resin isn't used. This is what I've gathered, at least. I've also been told that LaserFibre Laser Tour is their stiffest string, and I'm guessing that's because the description says it has a solid co-poly core. So it sounds intruiging. Anyone have any experience with this? If so, could you compare to ALU? Also, I heard LaserFibre has a rough/textured string that sounds great for crosses.
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