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Originally Posted by ryohazuki222 View Post
can anyone chime in on the effects of tension maintenance between these two scenarios? A friend of mine keeps telling me that the tension drops so fast on my stringjobs because im not stringing with a constant pull machine. If I strung a racket on my revo 4k crank and then the exact same way on a revo 4k wise with constant pull.... will the tension maintenance of the string job vary at all? ... how so?
There longer the string is kept at reference tension during stringing, the flatter the tension drop curve over time will be. Depending upon string type, the curve is noticeably steeper in the first 10-30 seconds, is still fairly steep until about the 10 minute mark, then flattens out. The majority of the non-impact elongation occurs in the first 30 hours.

The curve is also similarly effected by pre-stretching. Note that most poly strings are adversely effected by pre-stretch, so the constant pull may not be "better" than a lockout, but will show less tension loss over time proportional to the amount of time left on the tensioning head before clamping.
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