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Originally Posted by barry View Post
Something to think about. Doesn’t the clamp act as a lockout once the referenced tension is reached? So is there really such a thing as constant pull or is it all marketing term.
You are right about the clamp. However, lockout and constant pull are different--the "constant pull" machine will continue to make adjustments during that two seconds or so it takes to clamp the string--a measurable but perhaps not meaningful difference. As had been said many times on this forum, the key is consistency, irrespective of the type of machine used. And, after all , all we are discussing here is a reference tension. I personally use a Neos (a lockout) and string my racquets at the same reference tension, the same way (e.g., keeping the distance between the tension head and the frame approx. the same from pull to pull and from job to job, weave the same way, pretty much the same time between lockout and clamping, etc.). Stringing the same racquets on a constant pull may require a small adjustment in reference tension (to match what the Neos produces in my example) but again the key is consistency.

Is there a difference? Yes. Is it a marketing term? Yes (but that is not meant to be pejorative) Should it make a difference in the final string job? In the hands of a qualified stringer, No.
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