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Originally Posted by saturn View Post
I think Herb Wise made the mount specifically for the Challenger I and he includes it for no charge. I was thinking of getting a Wise for my Challenger I but I don't string high volume so not sure if I should yet. I noticed your stringer is same color as the Alpha machines. Mine is metallic black. How much nicer is it stringing with the Wise versus drop wt.?
I string a lot of rackets, so for me it is much easier to pull tension on the Wise than dropping a weight or turning a crank, plus on drop weight machines changing tension takes a bit more time. With the Wise, you just dial in the desired tension; it pulls the tension at the same speed every time, thereby producing a more consistent tension. If you are doing under 4 or so rackets a week, Wise might be an over kill, but electronic tensioners are the easiest to use. After you do 5 or so rackets, it is hard to switch back, it spoils you. My string time on the drop weight was 30 minutes, crank about 28, and Wise I can crank one out in 25 minutes or less, depending on the string pattern. Love the open patterns (16 x 1, hate some of the new Prince rackets, boomerang takes extra time to use.

I still believe you can come close to matching the tension on a drop weight using a Wise, but gravity wins ever time, just takes a little longer to string on a drop weight system. But they are the most accurate if used properly.

How has your Challenger worked out?
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