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Originally Posted by barry View Post
Did you build your on mount? Looks better than the one I had.

Also do you get 360 rotations? I found the Wise much easier to use than the drop weight or crank tensioner.

I dont have 360 degress, but you kinda dont on drop weight until you drop the arm. It dont bother me that much.

Wise USA charged 12 dollars for the mount. its basically a L bracket. Its was more than worth that. The few times i used the drop weight It was just a pain. Move the arm up put the string in the gripper, pull the string on the gripper. move the arm down, maybe get lucky and its even. If not push the arm back up then back down(if it ratchets) then maybe you get it even. clamp.

With the Wise put the string in the gripper, push it in a little step, on foot pedal, clamp, step on pedal again to release

1st racquet i strung up with the eagnas perfect spin. It went pretty good so the 2nd one i pulled out some Pro Poly Hextreme. Cut it in half to get used to 2 piece for hybrids. got it all done then while tying the knot i shredded the string and it broke. So i used the other half of Hextreme and it went ok. I need to practice tying knots for sure though.
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