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Default Partial stats for '68 USO Final (Ashe-Okker)

Ashe d Okker 14-12 5-7 6-3 3-6 6-3

My stats(for the 1st set only)

Ashe had 29 non service winners: 9 fh, 8 bh, 6 fhv, 6 bhv
Okker had 19: 4 fh, 5 bh, 4 ov, 3 fhv, 3 bhv

Ashe had 16 aces(4 on 2nd serve), no doubles
Okker had 6 aces(1 on 2nd serve), 2 doubles

Ashe was 43 of 69 on 1st serves or 62%
Okker was 52 of 95, or 55%

Ashe had 5 love service games, Okker 2.

Ashe was 1 of 6 on break points, Okker 0 for 2(guess its a good thing they invented the tiebreak)

Ashe had 14 passing shot winners, 7 return winners.
Okker had 8 passing shot winners, 2 return winners.

Ashe had 20 unreturned serves, 1 of which I judged to be a service winner.
Okker had 28 unreturned serves, 5 of which I judged to be a service winner(3 were 2nd serves, Jack Kramer remarked on his 'tricky' slice 2nd serves)

The 1st set only took 63 minutes, even though it was 26 games(they were both playing incredibly fast, hardly any time in between points & 1st & 2nd serves)

According to the NY Times the match was only 2 hrs, 40 minutes. In terms of games played, this is the longest GS final in the Open Era(65 games)

I have the 1st 8 games of the 2nd set as well, will post stats on that later. Both the NY Times & Bud Collins had Ashe at 15 aces for the 1st set, so I may recheck that stat as well.

NY times says Ashe had 26 aces for the match, a bit surprising after his high total in the 1st set that he would 'only' finish with 26.

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