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Default Why do all tennis players fall down after winning a big match/grandslam?

I've watched tennis for over 10 years now and love the sport, but this has just been a huge pet peeve of mine. Everyone, and I mean everyone falls down in some shape or form to the ground and starts doing snow angels after they win a grandslam or a big match. WTF is up with that?

Who the hell started this? cuz its incredibly stupid. I mean can't someone go and find a more creative way to celebrate a big win other than to do what the past 120 guys before you have done? For federer I've noticed it gets faker and faker cuz he's already won so many times and I'm starting to think the tears are starting to be fake too. And its not just Fed.

I saw a recent win by Donald Young, maybe a rerun but after he beat Querry in the Juniors championship he fell to the ground in a fake, sorta girly, premedidated, prerehearsed kinda way and then got up immediately right afterwards. The fall was the most hilarious thing cuz I think he was hesitant about what to do so he just did a slow motion robot like fall and then when he was on the ground probably thought , "oh this is stupid why the hell did I just do that?" and got up.

Can someone plz explain? Is this a tennis tradition or is it written in tennis law somewhere?
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