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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
yeah, it's overwhelming emotion from the win.. i mean how would you feel if you had just won one of the biggest tournaments in history. i know i'd collapse, for my body would lose all feeling at the shock. i dont think i'd be able to get up right away either.

i think nadal's are the best though, he just drops like a ragdoll, lol.
yea i kinda see what you mean about the emotion and stuff. But I still think tennis players are incredibly uncreative in expressing that emotion. I mean don't NBA players and football players feel that same typa emotion when they win a championship? I rarely see them fall to the floor, they all up and jumping and hugging. And even in individual sports like in the olympics like track and such, the atheletes don't fall to the floor, they celebrate standing up. I think tennis may be the only sport where you can get away with fall to the floor like that. If I were playing any other sport and I fell to the ground after I won, people are gonna be like " Who the hell is that wierdo." You know what I mean? Its just very befuddling.
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