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Believe it or not the pro's aren't as much gear heads as all of us might be. They aren't really that aware of every racket on the market and all the differences between them. Roddick probably is only aware that the K90, n90, PS90 were the followup lines to the PS85. So Fed is using the 'flagship small headed players frame' in the same vein as Sampras. Which is probably what he was referring to. I doubt Roddick pays that much attention, but his remark is still pretty much valid. I don't think we can at all take this to mean that Fed is playing a PS85....that would be selective reading hahah. Roddick was just making the point, he's playing the same frame, and Roger is using a traditional players frame and still dominating.

What we do know is that Fed used a PS 85 then a PS 85 PJ with the HPS paint.
However, he is not using this now. He switched to the PS Tour 90 with custom pallet or some sort of custom mold in 2003. It is most obviously not a PJ of a PS85 because it has a tapered throat rather than the flat beam of the PS 85. There are close up pics of this.

So it is absolutely for sure that he is not using a PS 85. Be it a custom mold or not. From his Weight and Balance specs. and the pallet shape, tapered throat..etc it seems the closest thing out right now to what he is playing is in fact the K90. The K90 fits the bill of weight and balance, tapered throat, shorter pallet and all. Whether he is using the EXACT same layup of Karbon Nano whatever I don't think particularly matters.

The N90 and Tour 90 play alot different than the K90 in my opinion, somethin about that shorter pallet feels better. But the K90 is probably the closest thing to a PS85 in a 90sqin headsize and the closest to what Fed is using i'm pretty sure.

In closing...Federer uses a K90. Believe it.
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