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hey guys, i've been working in bangkok for a few years. if you're looking for someone to hit with let me know!

as far as i know, there are NO indoor courts in the city! all of the ones listed below are hardcourts (aside from them, there are a handful of other courts i know of but have never played at):

Soi 26 -- book in advance, 250 baht per hour. also there are some great knockers and coaches here. courts just moved about 100 meters from old location, so brand new.

Tobacco Monopoly -- book in advance, 90 baht per hour but i think you need a Thai national to book it, i play there with my (Thai) coach. courts a little worse for the wear but totally chilled out place to play and super inexpensive

Conrad Hotel -- book in advance, 500 baht per day. two courts, in shade.

Nai Lert Park Hotel -- book in advance, i think it's 500 baht per day for visitors, we joined for the courts and proximity, it's actually very reasonably priced and a very nice pool, too! two courts, well maintained.
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