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Originally Posted by Quasar View Post
Watch Nadal. You will never see him hitting from a closed stance, always open. And he is rather effective.
Are you kidding me? Closed stance forehands are only for "recreational" players? I guess that means D1 is recreational...who knew.

Sure, you CAN hit a "power" forehand with an open stance, but given the opportunity to do so, I would MUCH rather step into the court and drill it from a closed. It is a much more stable position to hit from, if you have the footwork. Trust me when I say, I hit open stance on both sides (with a 1 handed backhand), but a closed is MUCH, much more stable and just as penetrating. I don't know WHERE you got that idea, but you really shouldn't jump on the open stance is god bandwagon without some backup information.

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