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Default T3000 & T5000...

I'm sorry, but I couldn't disagree more about the previous comment saying that the old T3000, 5000, etc series is crappy. I've been using my trusty T3000 since the 6th grade.. I'm now 28, and I still love that shiny "beast". It's also good to learn on, because it trains you to hit within a smaller space on the racquet, thus honing your skills that much further.

Today, on a chance visit to the local thrift store, I picked up a T3000 AND a T5000 -- both with their original covers! There were a few minor knicks/wearing on the leather handles, but it was nothing a little bit of tightly-wound electrical tape didn't cure. The strings on both of them are still nice and tight. I picked them both up for a whopping $6!! I just got back from the court with my wife. I used the T5000 the whole time, and loved it! The way the T5000s are strung, it seems to allow a bit more precise control over the T3000, which has a much more even string spacing throughout. (My wife told me the other day that she wanted to learn tennis... So I'm having her start out with the same racquet I started with! -- She did quite well for her 1st time out!)

Anyways, these younger kids these days are all caught up with the lighter composite racquets with the larger hitting areas... I think more people should try the metal T series out thoroughly before passing judgments.

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