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Originally Posted by PurePrestige View Post
JRS, just saw your post now (~7:15) bout to head out to the grocery though.
But yes i'm in reston, I live very close to the Herndon Monroe P&R in fact hah.

I'd be down for future hits, though I am playing horribly lately. I am ordering some sets of different polys tonight so in 2 days when I get it and string it I should be playing good tennis.
Near Herndon Monroe?!?!? Lucky bastage. I get up late so I won't be parking there while they rebuild that POS parking garage over the summer. I'm in Herndon and I have to drive all the way to wheile ave while they repair it. GGGRRRRRRRR!

PP - don't worry about it this week. I'm hitting with my another dude from Reston. We do have to get together for a hit though.

Originally Posted by Xisbum View Post
Hey, Champ, I'll be in Reston but I'll be playing team tennis Wednesday night at Glade. Wish I could help you out. It's always nice to play a champion.

Maybe some other time. I have a couple of guest passes if you need them. Let me know.
Xisbum, we can hit too. Thursday nights are usually my "free" nights for tennis, but this week, needed to bump it up a night to get a hit in since we are prob doing that B-day dinner thursday.
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