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A forgotten racquet is the Seamco Ken Rosewall. It was a solid aluminum with large thick black rubber grommets on the inside of the frame. The string when through them and not through the metal frame. I have one with a broken grommet and I have no idea how people were able to string them and without replacement grommets the racquet is unusable. The Ken Rosewall was made as a competitor for the T-2000, but didn't catch on. I enjoyed playing with the racquet (despite the horribly thick string in it). Forehands were pin-point, more perfectly aimed than with any other racquet I've used. Volleys were abysmal. Flat serving was effortless. It was quite stiff.

I'd like to play with it again, but the grommets are impossible to find. Even if I find one on the auction site, I have no idea how it could be strung by a stringer.
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