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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
Well, the only reason Conners used it was that his was heavily modified and did not resemble the tinny POS that was available to the public.

BTW, if you are pulling one of those things out of the attic, you would need to restring it to get the real feel of the stick. 1977 strings aren't going to cut it...
I got to be curious about what it would be like to hit with a pre-oversize racquet. I called around, and found that the only place that has racquets like that is Goodwill. They had an old T-2000 (was I just redundant?)

I had it restrung and regripped. (Gross grip) I find it almost impossible to play with. I have to use a very short stroke and be content with just chipping it back. Can't really aim it very much as it seems to shoot all over.

Connors put lead tape on his, but wasn't that what he used for most of his carreer?
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