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Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post

You may want to call Reston about PurePrestige. Non-residents can play, but they have to usually play a reston fee (@270 bucks!).

My suggestion is to use his aunt's address (I think she lives in Reston).. and say he lives there.

Otherwise they won't allow you.

If they somehow come to their sense about non-residents and the association fee.. then that would be awesome. There are a couple good college kids (male and female).. i would love to team up with.

Start looking, Sup. The brochure says one participant must be a Reston Association Member or Non-Resident Member with a 2008 Pool and Tennis Pass (that's me, I paid the 200+ bucks). The member-guest goes for all doubles, regular and mixed. There may still be slots open, too, since they had trouble filling the singles.

Would be awesome to see you in the first round. You could fix my strings for me before the match.
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