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Originally Posted by Xisbum View Post
Start looking, Sup. The brochure says one participant must be a Reston Association Member or Non-Resident Member with a 2008 Pool and Tennis Pass (that's me, I paid the 200+ bucks). The member-guest goes for all doubles, regular and mixed. There may still be slots open, too, since they had trouble filling the singles.

Would be awesome to see you in the first round. You could fix my strings for me before the match.
Take a walk back in time. TWMAC chat about the simon cup. The brochure said the same thing, and they denied Topaz entry. Apparently non-resident means to them: You don't live in reston and PAID the reston association non-resident fee (@$270 bucks).

I know it looks otherwise, but its what happened last year. So I would check. Otherwise, PP may be in for a huge entrance fee.

Again, just use his Aunt's address who he is living with. I think she is a reston resident.

Check if you want.. but if you do.. then they will be on the look out.

P.S. Do you have a match tonight?
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