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This is in response to your critique of the fh/bh about 2 weeks ago? Couldnt reply sooner due to time restraints, and also because of the depth of your critique.. Had me puzzled for days.

I have a few additional questions..


Could you explain the role of the non dominant hand a little more? How is my fingers actually pointing in relation to the ball vs. someone like federer?

"What you want to do is set up your non-hitting hand with the palm facing the net (and almost perpendicular with the ground), and the pinkie on top. Most ATP players do this today (including Federer), so you may want to see."

^are you refering to the position at the full turn? I took a look at fed vids and I have a hard time seeing the (non dominant hand) palm facing the net at any point during the unit turn.

I did notice/feel my elbow hooking up quite a bit on the fh nowadays alot more than it used to, Im assuming this is not a good thing?

i;ve been working on the motion quite a bit. i'm just curious here. what grips would you recommend? currently i use a continental (r)/ 3/2.75 eastern (l)...

Hope to get some more videos up soon from some more angles. Those videos are actually 2 months old. I just got a camera capable of 240 fps.

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