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This is from an article in Sports Illustrated written by Alexander Wolff:

'Connors had picked up the Wilson T-2000 racket for the same reason any teenager would, because its extruded-aluminum frame looked cool. Yet the T-2000 proved to be a perfect technical match for his game and far too temperamental for anyone else's. No one but Connors had the eye and the grooved ground strokes to find and exploit the racket's tiny sweet spot. "Everybody thought I hit the ball hard--I didn't hit the ball hard," he says, with a nod to the T-2000. As tennis journalist Peter Bodo puts it, Connors simply brandished "a futuristic instrument that gleamed with the promise of heroic deeds and lethal power. It was Arthur and Excalibur all over again."'

Good article ... describing Connors as a kind of Elvis.


As I recall, there was one US Open in the late 1980s where Connors ran out of T2000s (and when Wilson stopped making them). So he made a public appeal to weekend hackers. He received something like 1500 offers.
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