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These are extremely close stats. You've got Federer leading by 1 non-service winner, and you've got them both at 25 aces. And they drew almost the same number of return errors, 64 to 60 in Federer's favor.

The ATP actually has Sampras at 26 aces, and that would put the two men each at 67 clean winners.

The ATP has Federer winning 10 pts. more than Sampras overall, so if they were so close in winners, it looks like Federer just barely kept his errors lower than Sampras.

The margin is so little that we can almost count all of it. He had 4 fewer errors on the return, and per the ATP he had 6 double-faults to 9 by Pete.

Did you count their doubles?

I also found it interesting that Sampras lost even serving at 69% (to Federer's 62%), per the ATP. When he lost in '96, his service percentage was lower than Krajicek's (61 to 66).

Originally Posted by Moose Malloy
Federer had 42 non service winners: 21 fh, 10 bh, 5 fhv, 6 bhv

Sampras had 41: 12 fh, 9 bh, 8 fhv, 9 bhv, 3 ov
So Roger has 31 ground stroke winners and 11 volleys. Pete has 21 off the ground and 20 volleys/overheads.

No real surprise but it's nice to see the breakdown. And the biggest stroke of the match was Fed's FH.
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