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Default BBC stats

Took these down from my copy:

Federer’s first-serve percentages by set through 2-3 in the fifth: 53, 65, 63, 65, 85.

Sampras’ first-serve percentages by set through 2-3 in the fifth: 65, 76, 56, 78, 82.

(ETA: those fifth-set stats look extremely high, at least through five games; I wonder if they kept their percentages that high through the end. But it does look like Sampras starting in the fourth set was serving up close to the 80% range).

At 3-4 in the fifth, Federer had won 6 service games at love, Sampras one.

Federer had 12 service return winners for the match (I completed that stat myself when Fed hit one on match point).

At 2-3 in the fourth, Federer was getting 46% of first serves and 71% of second serves back. Sampras was at 41% and 64%.

At 4-5 in the fourth, Federer had won only 24 of 51 points at net, Sampras only 33 of 76. The announcers said that since first serves were generally not coming back, Roger and Pete were playing most of their volleys on second serve. That suggests that return errors were not counted in the net stats; if they were counted, you'd see higher net stats.

Anyway, we know already from Moose's stats that the volley winners were not that high; each man had more winners from ground strokes.

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