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Did you count their doubles?
My count was the same as the atp site.

Federer admirably restricted himself to 16 unforced errors whereas Sampras had 22.
NBC had them both on pace for higher errors than that after 2 sets.

In truth, there was almost nothing to choose between the two men who both banged down 25 aces in a mesmerising encounter which neither really deserved to lose.
My ace count was the same as NBC's(they updated the ace count late in the match, when it was 25-25) There were no aces in the last 6 games I believe.

At 4-5 in the fourth, Federer had won only 24 of 51 points at net, Sampras only 33 of 76. The announcers said that since first serves were generally not coming back, Roger and Pete were playing most of their volleys on second serve. That suggests that return errors were not counted in the net stats; if they were counted, you'd see higher net stats.
Its kinda odd that the BBC counts net points this way. They had a low number for both players late in the 5th of the '95 Goran-Sampras W SF as well.

Like you've said in the past, many missed returns are the result of a player coming in, you can't not count those as net points won.
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