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Originally Posted by Mikael View Post
Hey guys,

I just came back from my 2nd visit to my local chiropractor in one week and I am still a little puzzled about the whole deal. It'd be great to hear some opinions about this.

Here's the background info: I went to see the guy because of some lower back pain that resurfaced while deadlifting a couple months ago, and also because of some chronic "soreness" in the cervical spine + IT band issue in the right leg that appeared recently...

Anyway, the first time I went to see him last Saturday he performed a series of tests (for some reason he looked at my eyes a lot) and cracked a number of joints during a few minutes.

I tried to get as much specific info about my injuries as possible, but he kept giving very general answers about the nervous system controlling the whole body, and about the spine protecting the nervous system, etc. I asked him: so what are the muscle imbalances that are causing all these problems? His answer was that the muscle imbalances were only a consequence of faulty spine alignment.

We scheduled another appointment for today, once again he cracked stuff in my spine for a few minutes... And then he wanted to schedule yet another appointment, within a few days!

So I asked him: what exactly is the course of action? He answered that I would have to see him about twice a week for a month, then only once a week, then once a month indefinitely... in order to correct problems in my spine and then keep it from reverting to its non-optimal state. Not only that, he said that during the first few weeks I shouldn't play tennis because it would mess everything up. Talk about a bummer...

So here I am thinking: WTF?! Am I fu**ed up to the point where I'm gonna have to spend 600+ bucks/month just to fix my injuries, which I thought were fairly minor?

What do you guys think? Especially the chiropractors here or those that have seen one: am I getting ripped off, or is this the "real deal"? Isn't there a cheaper way to go about this?!
Um, yes, you are getting ripped off. This should be obvious to you. Be more cynical.
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