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Originally Posted by Mikael View Post
Hey guys,

I just came back from my 2nd visit to my local chiropractor in one week and I am still a little puzzled about the whole deal. It'd be great to hear some opinions about this.
This seems to be the classic thing that gives chiros a bad name. I have a friend who is a chiropractor, but takes a more holistic approach. I have seen him 2-3 times, always on my schedule and terms. He does an amazing job. He will use a mix of "adjustments", stretching, muscle manipulation using electrode thingies (technical term), acupunture, and ultrasound. Except for the adjustment part, it's all the same things that a PT did for me when I had neck/shoulder issues a few years back.

He has never once tried to put me on a regular program of return visits.

Your guy may truly believe in what he is doing, so I would hesitate to say he is ripping you off. But if you are skeptical, get another opinion. You should never do anything you are not comfortable with.
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