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a. I hate the buying advice. $500 will get a bike that any newbie can ride for a year or two, and 10 years if they choose. If they choose to engage in the sport, then it's time for the 1000-2000 bike.

People forget that for new, even half-keen riders, the "repair/spare kit + shoes + pedals + helmet + clothing + bike computer" bill can easily run from 250-500 or more. Add this to a 500 bike and you've blown a grand, which is a steep entry level for a sport (compared to tennis: $50, soccer: $100, etc etc). As I say, if the bike is found to be wanting, it can be easily and cheaply upgraded, and it's at the $500 level that one will lose the least when selling a 6month old bike.

b. People should remember that due to specificity (you get good at doing what you do, and different sports translate less than people think), gains from doing power sprints on a bike will translate less to running on a court than you might think. Doesn't mean they won't translate, does mean that doing power sprints on a COURT will translate much quicker.

Otherwise, a good, readable and informative article - I just hope no-one read it and took the "inside pedal down" advice before the correction was issued, it's a very quick way to flick yourself off a bike!.
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