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This is all mildly interesting, but what about the quality of the education? For example, say you wanted to take a class at Harvard taught by the famous Irish poet, Seamus Heaney. The reality is that he will show up for ONE workshop and lecture series all on the same day and meet you for about 5-10 minutes private time, maybe. Now the course purports to be taught by Seamus Heaney, but in reality you will be taught day in and day out by someone else: a low to moderately paid teacher, graduate assistant, etc.

As I see it, what are you paying all that money for— uninformed bragging rites (rights) only perchance? As far as education goes, one would be better served finding the individual(s) one wishes to study with (not just their fame or school they semi-teach at, but what they can offer to what one wishes to accomplish). The professionals at less blue-blood colleges are often just as good as or better than the fraternal elite; they are just harder to find, so it is the individuals responsibility to search them out.
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