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it's not a good practice but it's not going to break any racquets. I have never left a racquet for more than 10min, and I probably will never leave one more than that in my life.

I'm just saying that if any of you say that you have NEVER done anything that did danger to the frame you are full of it. If you never make mistakes then you never learn anything. Ask any tournament stringer and they say you need to string 10's of thousands of racquets to even think about going to a big tournament to string. You have to string that number of frames so that you have seen everything and know what to do in every situation presented to you.

I'm not saying that it is ok to leave the string job unfinished but I think that saying that the racquet will shatter is overkill! Now if you repeatedly do things that hurt the frame then you do run the risk of the frame becoming weak. The racquet will develop places where it bends during stringing and after a while these places can fail. But leaving a racquet once for a few minutes wont hurt anything. But just don't make it a common practice.

also about racquets becoming dead it does happen. If you check the flex you will be able to see the difference over time.
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