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No argument here. I got out of admissions because I realized that a good year for us, an expanded applicant pool, meant more kids to reject. Is that serving education? I think kids, parents, and college counselors are lazy. There are a lot of terrific schools out there, if you do the work to discover them. But 17 year old kids think, "I want the best. So, I'll go to Harvard." It takes more work to discover a Bucknell or a Reed or a Grinnell. All terrific schools. Unfortunately, employers think the same way as these kids. And when they see Harvard on the resume, they salivate. And who's to say which is the best college? It's the best college for you. Should you go to MIT simply because of its reputation? How is their art history department?

Jun, Asians present a peculiar problem for admissions people. They are a minority that is over-represented in some elite colleges (Northeast and in California). UC Berkeley and UCLA are 45% Asian, and about 18% at Harvard. They are not considered affirmative action candidates. Which is too bad, for some. Because a kid whose parents are immigrants, working at a fruit stand, and who did really well at a public school will not necessarily be distinguished from a kid whose parents are doctors living in Scarsdale and who goes to St. Paul's. On paper ... they're both Asian. It's also interesting that as a group, Asians don't often benefit from other admissions criteria ... like athletics, legacy, and geography.
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