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Asians are NOT counted as minorities in the elite college admissions game and haven't been siince the 1970's. That's because, as a group, they actually perform better than their white peers and are not, "disadvantaged." In fact, there is a reverse discrimination going on in some schools, i.e., UC Berkeley, to limit asians as they already make up 35% of each class and would be upwards of 50% if the group was not limited. In the Iyy's, legacies typically account for 32-37% of each incoming class. The Ivy's want to foster generations of loyal contributors to their endowment and sucessful graduates tend to breed sucessful offspring that will continue to contribute to their alma mater. That's the game as it is now played. At least it is better than it once was when 85% of the matriculating class at Harvard went to prep schools vs. 25% today.
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