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Default College Club Tennis (Tennis on Campus)

This thread can be the first one in the official college tennis area for club tennis. I just graduated from Syracuse, where I was Captain for two years, and club tennis was a really great experience for me.

This past year I really got out act together and we had some really good players. We played at Flushing Meadows (including Armstrong Stadium) for a tournament in the fall, we won our section, and we finished top 15 at Nationals in Cary, NC (great time).

For those of you who aren't up on "Tennis on Campus," it can be as big or as little as you want. Over 200 colleges have teams, now. Some are just kids who like to play tennis and aren't very competitive and hardly ever travel. Others have 5.0 level players (kids who could play/did play for some D-1 schools) and are more serious. Generally you only practice a few times a week, though, and most matches are pretty casual except for big tournaments like Nationals.
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