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Originally Posted by D-Bomb View Post
oh wow, I've just been wondering about this. I actually have a question for you d2ss. I'm going to UCLA in the fall and I'd like to play for the traveling club team, and I know I have to try out, but I have no idea what level I've gotta be to compete. I'd call myself a 4.5 and I played #3 singles at my high school in CA (we are a decent team, quarters of sectional tourney). Ya think I've got a shot?

Oh and I'd reply to your question about the format but I don't know enough about it to have an opinion.
I was the captain for the UC Irvine's team and just graduated. I think if you are a solid 4.5-5.0 you have a good chance of making the UCLA Club team. They have(had?) some insane guys and it's rather competitive at UCLA I hear.

Originally Posted by dork2tennisstud View Post
By the way, what do the other club players out there think of the WTT format they use at sectionals and nationals? I didn't like it at first, because our team was pretty big, and it excluded a lot of kids from playing in major events, but it grew on me. It was great for Nationals.
Hey, what section do you guys play on? Did you guys play Columbia in your section? I am heading out to Columbia in the fall for grad school and I think I'm going to be playing for their club team.

Nationals was fun indeed.
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