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Default Stats for Agassi-Sampras (1995 AO final)

Agassi d. Sampras 4-6, 6-1, 7-6 (6), 6-4

This was Agassi’s third Slam title, and his second straight (he'd won the U.S. Open a few months earlier). But it would be his last one for another four years.

Sampras was looking for his 6th, and was the defending champion.

Agassi had never played here before.

Agassi won the third set with a drop volley winner, and the match with an ace. He was down double set point in the tiebreak and saved the first one with a forehand return winner off Pete's first serve.

The following are my own stats.

Agassi won 135 points overall, Sampras 122.


Agassi’s service percentage by set:

15/25 (60%)
13/22 (59%)
33/46 (72%)
21/25 (84%)

82/118 (70% total for the match)

Sampras’ service percentage by set:

20/40 (50%)
6/22 (27%)
24/47 (51%)
21/30 (70%)

71/139 (51% total for the match)

Agassi won 80 of 118 points that he served (or 67.8%).

Sampras won 84 of 139 points that he served (or 60.4%). Since I counted 38 points lost on second serve, I could calculate that he won 54 of 71 points on first serve (or 76.1%), and 30 of 68 on second (or 44.1%).

Agassi got his first serve into play on 3 of 4 break points.

Sampras got his first serve into play on 7 of 21 break points (33%).

Agassi had 10 aces and 4 double-faults. He hit 26 other serves that Sampras did not return; I didn't judge any of them as service winners.

Sampras had 28 aces and 6 double-faults. He hit 29 other serves that Agassi did not return; I judged 5 of them as service winners.

Sampras hit 13 of his aces in the final set.


Agassi had 39 clean winners apart from serves: 24 FH, 11 BH, 2 FHV, 2 BHV.

Sampras had 25 clean winners apart from serves: 11 FH, 6 BH, 2 FHV, 5 BHV, and 1 overhead.

Agassi had 7 service return winners (4 BH), all passes. In addition he had 9 FH and 3 BH passes. Altogether he passed Sampras 19 times.

Sampras had 3 service return winners, but no passes, whether on returns or otherwise.


If I subtract the aces and winners from the total points won:

Agassi made 69 total errors (forced and unforced). Of those I counted 29 return errors and 4 double-faults. So in the exchanges consisting of at least a successful return, he made 36 errors.

Sampras made 86 total errors. Of those I counted 26 return errors and 6 double-faults. So in the exchanges consisting of at least a successful return, he made 54 errors.

Stats in the print media:

Per the Washington Post, Sampras won 44% of points on his second serve (the same as my figure). He made 50 unforced errors and 60 winners.

Per the New York Times, Agassi committed half as many mistakes as Sampras.

Per the Sydney Morning Herald, Sampras served at 51%, the same as my figure. (He’d served at 50% against Chang in the semis and converted only 5 of 15 break points).

From the Age (Melbourne), which had picked Agassi in four:

From the first few points it was clear that Sampras, the best serve-volleyer in the business, would only occasionally be attacking at the net. He said later that this was because of the quality of Agassi's returns, "the best in the world by far". But his unwillingess to volley left him trying to out-rally Agassi playing him at his own game.

ESPN’s stats:

At 2-3 in the third, Agassi had won 10 of 12 at net, Sampras 21 of 38.

At 2-3 in the fourth, Agassi had 45 winners and 24 unforced errors. I had him at 45 clean winners/aces.

At 2-3 in the fourth, Sampras had 51 winners and 41 unforced errors. I had him at 44 clean winners/aces, plus 5 service winners.

At exactly 1-all in the third, Drysdale said that Agassi had won 63 points overall, Sampras 56. I had the same figure.

At 1-all in the third set, Agassi was serving at 58%, with 71% won on first serve and 64% on second. In the next game they displayed numbers for Sampras: he was serving at 42%, with 79% won on first serve and 45% on second. Those numbers are all similar to the numbers I have for the entire match.

A few weeks later Carillo said that Sampras had served at 51% in the AO Final (same as my figure).

Finally, the incorrect ATP boxscore:

The aces, doubles, number of service games and break points are all correct. The other figures are not even close to the figures I got through my own count and from ESPN and the print media.

As with the Agassi-Ivanisevic W final of 1992, I'm guessing that perhaps the service and return percentages and the Total Points Won belong to some other match. [Update]

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