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Originally Posted by dork2tennisstud View Post
D-Bomb, UCLA has a very strong club team . . . actually, a lot of the California schools have really good club teams (Berkeley, Stanford, USC, Irvine, Davis). I'd expect the "stars" of the team to be in the 5.0 range and the majority of the players in the 4.5 range, so you should be right in the mix. Good luck.

Tenniko: I remember your team, Irvine, being at Nationals. Yes, Syracuse and Columbia are both in the Eastern Section. Cornell's been the class of the section most years, but we beat them this year. Columbia, surprising has had a small, poorly run team the last few years. They didn't even bother coming to Sectionals this year. If you were the Captain at Irvine, I'm sure you can help get them straightened out. I imagine there's a lot more good tennis players at Columbia who just need to be convinced to play club tennis; all the other Ivy's are loaded talent.

Rutgers, Stony Brook, and UConn all have club teams that shouldn't be too far from NYC. Syracuse, Cornell, SUNY-Geneseo, RPI, Rochester, and RIT make up the rest of the Eastern Section. You should be able to find contact info on
Yeah, I got in touch with their club. They said that the majority of players are 3.5-4.0 range. I'm sure that there are more stronger players out there, they are probably focused more on academics than in recreational tennis, since it's ivy league and all (but other ivys seem to be playing tennis...hmm...). Maybe being in the middle of NYC and not having readily accessible courts could be the reason (the club practices at some private facility away from the school).

Hopefully if the grad school work isn't too much I probably can help out a bit with their club.
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