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Originally Posted by Rickson View Post
I was a personal trainer, I'm not allowed to laugh. I've trained a lot of women and how many of them do you think could do a single pullup? Try some assisted pullups for now. If you can do them with 80 lbs. of assistance, keep lowering the assistance until you can get them with 20 lbs.. By the time you're using just 20, you can bet that you can do your bw. Good luck.
In my gym only one girl can do them.It's very frustrating,because even when the gym trainers see me near the weights they give me some 3 kilos pink dumbells,tell me to do 15x4 "because this will help you tone up and not bulk up" [IMG]******.gif[/IMG] and come near me yelling when I put them down and tell them I know don't worry. It's very stereotypical.I had them made me a program focused on upper body and the trainer actually laughed.Good thing I will change gym for the summer.I wil try the assisted pull up machine for now I was only doing lat. pullups.:/ ok,rant over lol.

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