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and my next question ..which i think goes along with OP is that if u ate 400 calories all day then say 1100 after 7 and went to bed shortly after....your body would treat this the same as if u ate 5 -500 calorie meals that day...and nothing after 7?im thinking no but im really not smart about this lifting weights several times a week ...just trying to make life easier on myself and not sabotage my own results
try to spread it out body composition (fat vs. muscle) can be better under conditions where its more spread out. (i said CAN not WILL)

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so eating more times(but smaller quantites per time) is better than eating a couple huge meals(total calories being the same)? this kind of like high intensity cardio bursts are better then a long low intensity cardio?...
HIIT feels good, and i do it, but for pure calories burned, its only minutely (no even mentionable) better than low internsity

i think EPOC is pretty overrated.
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