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Originally Posted by NotAtTheNet View Post
When i started seriously working out 10 years ago, i was in the same boat. since I was only 15 i didn't have access to an assisted pull up machine. What I ended up doing is jumping up, use the jump momentum to get my chin over the bar, and hold the pull up position as long as I could. Either that or use a stool or something. After a good week of that you should build up enough to get to at least one. Once you're there, the sky's the limit! Oh and you can build a pull up bar in your backyard on the cheap. Some 5x5 posts, a sturdy metal tube, cement, drill and shovel! Thats what I did bc as a skinny twerb in my younger years I was embarrassed in not being able to do one.
wow thank you!That's very good advice,and something I can easily do and at home!!Without having the stares and ridicule too thanx!
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