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Originally Posted by Rickson View Post
Stares and ridicule? Why care what they think? I was working in the gym when I had a serious back injury. I took several days off and when I came back to rehab my back, I was doing squats with 95 lbs.. I normally squatted 315 at the time, but I knew I had to rehab slowly. One guy even asked me why I was going so light and I told him I was injured. He gave me his condolences and continued his workout. The only reason he asked me was because he knew how I trained in the past, but otherwise, he wouldn't have looked twice. If a big guy like me can resort to using children's weights, you don't need to be embarrassed about a thing. Trust me, people are doing their own thing in the gym and if they're not, they need to get a life. Even as a trainer, I never corrected anyone outside of my clients unless they specifically asked me for advice. It's not my business and correcting people's forms is not a good way to land new clients.
I don't know,probably you are very well trained and such,but when you're like the only woman in the weight room who actually tries to break a sweat and lift really ,then you get a lot of stares. From guys and girls equally.I don't like it,and when most times I try and ignore it but if I can I will avoid it.So,it won't stop me from going there and do my stuff,but if there's another way,and an easy one that I can do at home,then I'm all for that.
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